Why I Renewed My Wedding Vows

It was all so fairy tale and romantic but it didn’t start out like that.....

A whole thing

The idea started because I wanted a redo, especially of our outfits, sounds funny and trivial but true. I wasn‘t confident enough to make my own wedding dress the first time because I hadn’t made one before so I ordered it from China for a cheaper rate. The suit my husband wore then was not at all impressive, he was new to the US at the time so he decided to wear “American Style” suit I mean the baggy ones lol, I didn’t like those too much, also our wedding photos weren’t that great, we actually had to make a lot of changes to them then, which is also the reason we don’t have any wedding photos hung in our house.

I haven‘t worn a wedding ring for like 5years, because the one I originally got married with became so big and was falling off my finger. Someone dear to us even gave me another one and unfortunately I lost it. So I was wearing a twenty dollars sterling silver ring I got from the mall, which again didn‘t take long before the “diamond“ came off and my finger has been bare since then. So you see it was a whole thing! A lot I wanted to redo.

The Redo

My ten years anniversary was a perfect time to get a do over, make my own wedding dress, help Seye pick out a slim fit suit, book a photo shoot for us, get a new ring so people know I’m still married lol. And all of a sudden when I thought about all these things we were doing, I got a brilliant idea.... Let’s renew our vows!! I figured since we are redoing everything we might as well say new vows, and luckily I got my husband to agree.

Even though my reason didn’t start out super romantic, It ended up being my dream “wedding” it was very simple and intimate, In my living room exactly how I wanted it. Since I had a lot of people the first time, I decided to have very few people, which was absolutely amazing. My kids were all in the ceremony Tiffany and Emma as flowers girls and Ethan the ring bearer with no ring, we didn’t trust him too well with it. Seye and I wrote our own vows and I even got to make a little wedding registry because my friends and family wanted to give me gifts which i didn’t get the first time because I was coming to the US and no one bothered.

The Day

It was on a Monday which was extra special because Mondays are a thing for us, our first date was on a Monday.

I got up early that morning to get Tiffany ready for school, after which i head over to my hair stylist, got my hair done, came back home, gave the twins a bath, cleaned the kids room, cleaned all the 21/2 bathrooms, Seye was moping the whole house and tidying up everywhere before we started at 3:30pm.

After cleaning, I left the house to get my make up done and Seye headed out with the twin to switch his pants which were now too big since he lost more weight, stopped to get Tiffany from school, all of these before we started. It was almost 3pm when I returned to the house and I still haven’t picked the cake. Oh yeah, I got a wedding cake made. I quickly dressed up for the three kids and wore my dress that I designed and sewed and stood at the beginning of the staircase nervously waiting for my song to play...... it was the most beautiful moment as I walked down the stairs with “Never Enough“ playing and the love of my life waiting for me all dressed so handsome in his light blue suit, the song ended and I stood in front of him, we smiled, we winked at each other, and listened closely to the encouraging words shared by our Pastor. We said our vows, did our first dance and everything was perfect!

The first time we got married, I thought I needed a lot of people, a dress perfectly sewn and a whole lot of other things. This time I was able to focus on what really mattered, Me, Him and the love we share. Nothing else matters.

If there is anything you miss, or something you didn’t get. Life always give us second chances and you can always have a redo or do over. It’s one life and it’s yours, make it what you want. Get a redo!

Oh, and the cake I was talking about earlier was delivered to my house!! Lol.

Thank you for reading


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