Top Six Things In 2019 That Changed My Life 

I have no words on how transformative last year was. This is the year I can truly say i changed. Talking about the year that tried me in every way possible. But in the midst of all that, I made some choices that turned out to be the best decision! And some even became the highlight of my year. Here are my top six.

Canceled Cable

This really seem simple but I'm telling you this one right here changed my life! It gave me back time, made me more productive. I use to tell my husband that I can't go without cable, until now I didn't know how much cable was a distraction. After cancelling cable my evenings will now include spending quality time with the kids without TV, writing, reading and once in a while I will watch a show on Netflix and of course I started going to bed earlier. Which is much needed after taking care of three kids, cooking, designing and sewing all day a little more sleep time is just what I need. For now I don't look forward to turning my cable back on, Except for the Olympics and FIFA world cup, oh and the Oscar's ( I can watch that at a friend's

Local Library

This is the one of the cheapest way to access resources that a lot of us don't maximize. I can't believe I've been in the US for eight years before joining the Library. There are lots of resources for free! Books, audio books, Magazines, even movies, my favorite one of course is kids books. We literally get up to 15 books for 2 weeks to read at bed time, how convenient is that, not having to buy tons of books for my kids to have varieties. I was also able to explore new recipes from cook books and I read my first murder mystery novel too.


If you follow me on Instagram you are probably over this already, but what you didn't know is my husband and I never had an "honeymoon" when we got married 9years ago and I've always dreamed of my honeymoon in Honolulu even when I was back in Nigeria. So this was a dream come true for me 9years, 3 kids later...

And it was our first trip together alone! I had a lot of firsts on this trip. Oh well, let's say I tried champagne for the first time and i didn't care too much for it. Hawaii was a life changing trip, I must say.


I never dream of writing because well how can I, I’m not even fluent in English which again is my second language, but I always knew I wanted to express myself in words, I love the freedom of having the space to write and freely express myself i also like that it takes a lot of “clicking” to get on the blog which simply means you are really interested in reading the content. It also became an alternative to the YouTube videos I’ve been making for years which to be honest I don't always feel like dressing up for.


My family moved to a bigger place this year and I can't even tell you how much this changed my lifestyle, our routine and overall improved us as a family. I finally have my home studio ( which is a dream) the kids now have a yard to play in and this house is so great because it has a garden with Apple tree, Lime tree and Roses, Yes! I cut fresh roses in my vase every couple of days. Well my favorite part is playing with my kids in the yard, they get in the wagon I pull them around, they pull me too sometimes. We play basketball without hoop, we always have the best time and they never want to come back inside especially my son Ethan.

My Monica

I never thought I’d have to write this part, I was already done with my list. This paragraph should never have been written. It’s way too early. She was my neighbor, she rang my door bell to sell her beautiful painting to me. I didn’t buy her art work but I felt a deeper connection to this sweet angel and we started talking about everything. We became sisters, i was like her big sister, she called me her role model. She was my girl. I was teaching her to sew and she will go to my pantry for snack during lunch, She liked sweets. I remember the day she had my spicy oxtail soup, she loved it! Then I called her one day, she didn’t pick up. I lost her on Christmas Day. I only knew her for 6 month and it felt like forever. We only had a short time together but the memories we shared will last a life time. You changed my life Monica and one of my many regrets is, I waited to take a selfie with you, I waited because I thought we had forever. I should have taken selfies, many selfies with you. I should have recorded you when you sang to me with your guitar while I ate the bowl of spaghetti you brought to me for lunch. Many things I should have done but I’m comforted because i didn’t wait to give you the greatest gift, to share the good news with you. You accepted Jesus! And that, i’m glad I didn’t wait for. I miss you my Monica.

Her post on Instagram story, she loved my cookies.

These are six major things that changed my life in 2019 and ultimately made me a better person, wife, mom, sister, friend......

Thank you for reading.


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