The Best Gift Under $10.

Tis’ the gifting season! There's nothing I like more than a very thoughtful gift, for me it's has nothing to do with the price it's all about the thought and the effort.

I might have a completely different perspective to this than a lot of people. I don't like cheap things I'd rather something simple and quality. And let's be honest no one's trying to buy you a designer purse except they have a serious crush on you, like Seye does on me. I know you are thinking what can be quality under $10.

Check out my list, I strongly believe gift should be personalized. Which to me means making an effort to know the person and buying them gift based on their interests.

1. Organic Olive Oil

It might sound funny to somebody else but for someone who likes to cook as me this is a really good one. I love olive oil! I remember someone once gave me a gorgeous bottle of olive oil and it's one of the best gift I've received, because it encourages me to cook healthier. I'll eat olive oil with pretty much everything, one time I even put some on my cornbread, Yum!

2. Starbucks Gift Card

This is always a great gift for a coffee lover. Even for tea lovers still a good gift. $10 gift card pays for two cups! I will take this gift all day because its relevant for everyday use.

3. Journal

This is a perfect gift for people that like to journal or writers. I love love a beautiful journal and I've been buying a new one for every new year in the last couple of years. My husband gave me my first one when we were courting and I've been journaling since. Even if they don't journal you might just help them start a good habit.

4. Organic Honey or Maple syrup Some of the things on my list might just be me. But I love honey in my tea and I can use someone gifting me an organic honey to help me enjoy my tea. Also maple syrup is an healthy alternative to regular pancake syrup and you can also use it to sweeten your food. A gift that encourages a healthy lifestyle is always a good idea.

5. Nail Polish

I don't want to say I collect nail polish but i have a couple and i absolutely love them because i like to color my own nails. The really good brands are some times around $8. It's a great gift, even if they don't color their own nails, they can take it with them to the salon, some of the salon use cheap ones anyway. Just stick with neutral and pastel colors.

6. Coffee Mug

I love love a beautiful girly coffee cup, especially the ones that have some kind of positive words on it. It can also be really sentimental . This will make a great gift and they can enjoy their coffee in it all year long.

I hope you like my list. I just want to share how something as little as $10 can buy a really thoughtful gift. Now! Personalize this list to suit the person you are gifting. Happy gifting!

Thanks for reading 💛

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