That Time I Wanted To Be Vegan And The Life Lesson I Learnt.

You all remember when we all, well, majority of us saw this documentary on Netflix “ What The Health? and we all wanted to become vegan. This experience thought me a life lesson that I can never unlearn.

The Transition

I‘d just had the twins and I was nursing them when I saw the documentary and i was under pressure to be vegan. A lot of people were doing it and I really wanted to do it too. I tried, i mean I really did. i think I only did it for a day or two before I went back to eating eggs ( my absolute favorite! ). One, breastfeeding twins made me hungry all the time and I wasn’t at all craving healthy food. I wanted pastries all the time, I was baking banana muffin every week , i wanted nigerian food, goat meat, tilapia..... so the vegan thing wasn’t going to happen. The crazy part of the whole thing is I really started feeling bad about not being able to do it, because I'm kind of competitive and I like to challenge myself. To be honest I just really wanted to do it because people were doing it and it will make me feel good about myself.

The Question

As long as i allowed this to bother me.

I felt like God (or maybe the common sense He gave me ) asked me one day “Gbemisola if nobody else is doing it will you still do it? And of course my answer is No! That immediately took the pressure of going vegan off me, because now I realised I only wanted to do it because everyone is doing it. From that moment i will now be eating my meat, cheese and eggs with peace and joy.

The "why?

Whatever you do without a "WHY" won't last it's a matter of time before you stop doing it. If you are doing something because someone else is doing it, what happens if they stop? It doesn’t matter what it is, you need to know why you are doing it, because that is what will sustain you when you face the pressure of quitting. You need a resolve that doesn't depend on who is doing it or who isn’t.

Make your own trend!

Like the popular saying.....

“ If you don’t stand for anything you will fall for everything“ In the time and age we are, too many trends, movement, dialogues.....Trends change and there will always be a new/latest one.

Don‘t do things you don’t believe in because its trendy because it won’t last, It ends after the trend.

Do the things you believe in whether it’s in trend or not.

I'm not at all saying being a vegan is not good or even healthier. But if I want to go vegan I want to do it, because that is what I believe is right for me not because someone else is doing it. Whatever you do know your "WHY" and that's all that matters.

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