Taking A Break.......

I told myself, this is my month to let go, actually it‘s my year too. I’m letting myself go a little, not taking things too seriously, being less intense and really having fun. This is all so relative depending on where you are, for me i try so hard to be on top of everything and give my best every time. But it’s time to take a break!

Shake Things Up

If you are like me, you are prone to doing things the same way, you watch the same kind of movies, the same kind of tv shows, you eat the same kind of snack. What if you pick a different tv show, the feel good, no action, no suspense kind, in my case “Gilmore Girls”. What if you shake things up, what if you choose a different food on the menu that you‘ll probably never order. what if you actually let yourself do something that really makes you happy. Take yourself out, buy those shoes you really want, read a book, take a day off to sleep in and do nothing. What if you decide not to feel bad about eating krispy kreme doughnut and chocolate cake in one weekend (not that this happened to me, lol ). What if you just want to take a minute, breath and enjoy this moment. Not thinking about the business you want to start, the promotion you are applying for, the degree you need to get or the dream you are pursuing. Take a break from all the pressure and enjoy the moment, do the things that makes you feel alive and spend time with people you love.

It‘s Not That Serious

Everything does not always have to be educational, spiritual or motivational. It can simply be fun and pleasure. Life doesn’t have to be too serious, intense and hard, it can be less complicated, it can be easy. Perspective is everything! What you see depends on what you are looking for. You might see how blessed and fortunate you are If you focus on how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown and the fact that you are still here. On the other hand if you focus on what you don’t have, what is not working, what you’ve lost and who has left, then you can really get discouraged and begin to think life sucks. Focus on what’s good, what’s right, what you have and it will keep you grateful, and the more grateful you are, the happier you’ll be.

Live A Little

It always work out in the end. Things always work out. I love the Bible verse that says if you cling to your life you will lose it but if you let your life go you will save it. Sometimes the key to gaining is losing. Let that big dream go for a minute and enjoy the journey. Be present in this season of your life, make sure you are actually living, and not just letting time pass. All your dreams will eventually come true and will probably exceed your expectation.

Let go and LIVE!

Thanks for reading Lolade💛

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