Six Refreshing Ingredients This Summer.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Summer is different this year, One; my kids have been home way longer than usual and it feels like “Summer Break“ started since March, of course without the going out part, well because of the obvious fact that there is a virus out there and it’s safer to stay indoors. That said, I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen and listed below are few ingredients I think you‘ll enjoy this beautiful summer time.

English Cucumber

I watched this Netflix show “ Nadiya Time To Eat” with the kids and Nadiya made a cucumber and kiwi salad that we wanted to try, she used english cucumber for it. Apart from the salad being amazing, the English cucumber was super crunchy and delicious. Tiffany (my first daughter/ sous chef) loves them in her salad. She didn’t like the regular cucumber so much. This is one to try this summer if you’ve never tried them, they are so crunchy and refreshing on a hot day. They are also rich in nutrients, promotes hydration and contains antioxidants. Snack on them or toss them on your salad either way, it’s a win!


I had this idea of making a cucumber mint drink this summer. Still working on my recipe, but how hard can it be, throw a few slice of cucumber in a cup, add mint leaves and a little water, bruise them with a fork or masher, add more water, sweeten with stevia for a no calorie drink or any sweetener of preference viola! Oh don’t forget ice. Mint leaves can be added to water or any drink for a unique taste, they also help with digestion and gut health. To top it all off, I remember Aunty Pam (one of my Aunties here) made a fresh mint tea for me the other day with honey, it was divine! Try it you’ll love it.


This is a new discovery for me. They are so juicy, and addictive in the heat of summer. Buy them and you have yourself a healthy delicious mid-day and TV time snack. They are better when cold. Cherries are good source of fiber, vitamins and folic acid also well known for their antioxidants properties. It can also be used as garnish, which means it’s pretty and delicious!


I almost want to do a happy dance on this one. I buy them all year round, cold or hot season. Lemons have tons of health benefit with includes but not limited to digestion, immunity, and probably even help with weight loss not sure about the validity of the later but it’s worth the shot. I use them for cooking and of course for my nightly green tea and lemon ritual. I’m also going to be making a lot of fresh homemade lemonade this summer, because the kids loves them and also we get to stay away from tons of sugar and preservative in the store bought ones. Buy them for lemonade, cooking or for health, the point is you need them this summer and all year round.

Green Salad

I told my friend that it’s actually easier for me to eat healthier in the summer because I crave salad in warmer season. My family has been eating a lot of salad as it’s beginning to get warm. We’ve been experimenting with different fruits on it like kiwi, green apples, grapes...... we’ve also been making our own dressing and loving our new found Mediterranean flavor. Really? like why has no one ever told me about the deliciousness of feta cheese on a salad, the creaminess will take your breath away. Buy your favorite greens this summer, make different kinds of salad, also use them for green smoothies which is great for the whole family, kids will love them too. And like I always say you can eat your salad or drink it.

Greek Yoghurt

You might think this is a odd one for these set of refreshing ingredients but it’s not, It’s surprisingly refreshing. I saw some baking recipes on line with Greek yoghurt and I bought some to give it a try. It was not only amazing in pancake and banana bread recipes, But it is also really great in creamy smoothies, which are healthier alternatives to shakes and ice cream on a hot day. I also use it for salad dressing and I’m finding a lot more ways to use it. Greek yoghurt is a great source of protein and it’s high in calcium. The one I use currently is a no sugar and fat free kind and it’s perfect! You can also eat them with fruit, nut toppings and maple syrup but I’m lactose intolerant so it’s too bad I can’t enjoy them that way. My point is it’s a great addition to your refrigerator this summer.

I hope you like my list. I know there are many more refreshing ingredients to explore this summer.

I just wanted to share the ones I’ve been enjoying, you can share yours with me in the comment and I will try them. Don’t forget to pick any of these on your next grocery trip, stay refreshed.

Thank you for reading.


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