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I woke up one Tuesday morning in April, I wanted to get a cup of coffee sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix, I told myself Lolade no you can't do that it's 10am on a week day, you should be working, sewing and all...... but then I thought, it’s a different time we are in, we’re in quarantine and there are no rules! My schedule has been disrupted, my routines are out the window, we are in the time where everything goes and we can blame it all on the quarantine. Kids are home, we are baking, cooking, dealing with homeschooling and of course the kids are watching way too much TV than we‘d like, but hey! whatever works. For weeks now I’ve been shoving snacks down my throat to take my mind off the frustration of all these. I feel out of control!

A Child

I remember being a kid I always wished i could stay up as long as I like, eat ice cream everyday, play all day basically, and have what I want whenever I want it; kids don't like rules. Oddly now as an adult I like rules, I like boundaries, I like to know when to stop, I like to know I’m adhering it makes me feel good. I'm sure I will be out of control if I don’t have rules that I live by. But this pandemic came with no particular rule. I’ve been going with the flow, taking everyday as it comes, over indulging, emotional, lazing around, drinking way too much coffee... which by the way happens regularly.

Taking Control

I’ve had it, I was done. I just couldn't live like that. I need to find a system that works for me in this time of quarantine. I need order! I need to start making new rules, it’s so easy to allow this time to distract you from your goals, [ health, weight, money, spiritual......] I started with the area I was mostly out of control in which is food. I asked myself what my goal is and with my goal in mind, which is vainly 25” waist. I had to set boundaries with my eating. For me it’s not so important to know what I can eat as much as what I cannot eat. My Nos are always stronger than my Yes. I like to know when I need to turn the TV off, when to get some work done. I started reading a little, making myself write something. Gradually getting my flow back.


There’s something really powerful and freeing about making your own rules and living by them. Not the ones made for you or the ones you have to make. Setting boundaries for yourself gives you self control and brings the kind of result that is unusual without it. For example when I was going out of control with snacking, I decided to go on a 21 days no sugar no bakery. I don’t want to call it challenge because I don’t like challenges that won’t result in a lifestyle. My goal is to wean myself from the compulsive need to snack and especially on junk. Nobody need to make rules for you. Whatever your goal is, make you own rules, be accountable and stick to it. Not only will you see result but it will also make you a kind of person that is disciplined and self controlled.

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