My twins are a gift with a price.

It cracks me up when people see my twins and say things like, " awww they are so cute." "I want twins." "You are so lucky" someone even once said " You hit the jackpot". Though all these may be true but no one really know what having the twins cost me.

Bye Byes

I was so excited I didn’t get any stretch mark after my first daughter but the twins came with a truck load of that, of course! I was super stretched carrying two full sized babies full term.

There are a couple of things I had to say goodbyes to, well for one I will probably never be able to wear a two piece bikini or crop tops, because of the scar from postpartum surgery, not that I even wear any of these I just want to be able to have the option. It took me up to 18 month after the babies to be able to wear anything fitted without wrapping my belly. I became allergic to gluten, which is in a lot of things apparently and I mean a lot of my favorite things basically carbs😀

Health Struggle

I had diastasis recti and hernia after the birth of my twins and I had to have another surgery to fix both after having the twins through C- section. This whole process altered my digestive system among many other things that changed. I couldn’t eat the way I ate before even in quantity.

Oh and my lower pooch is going no where, even after diet and exercising.

Oh What Joy

I would give all of the above and more to experience the joy my Ethan and Emma gives me everyday. They capture my heart with their two different personality. The quiet yet funny and picky Ethan and the bossy, caring and sweet Emma. I'm still writing this story I don’t know all that’s to come but I’m having a blast with my precious gift from heaven.

There’s a price that comes with every blessing and sometimes we want the blessing but aren’t really willing to pay the price, sometimes the price is higher than what we are willing to give.

What are you willing to give for what you really want?

Something? Everything? Nothing?

All depends on how much you want it.

Thank you for reading


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