My favorite leftover salad

leftover salad

I’m not a professional chef and a lot of you probably cook better than me, but sometimes I throw things together and it just sticks!

This salad wasn’t planned. I bought the green mix for my daughter Tiffany‘s 5th Birthday party but apparently no one cares about salad when you have Nigerian food, my absolute favorite rice, beans and fried stew yum!

The good thing about this salad is i had all the ingredient in my refrigerator and you probably do too😊


organic spring mix ( baby lettuce and baby greens)

corn on the cob

onion ( optional )

hard boiled egg

baked chicken


Honey mustard (Lite)

Simple Italian dressing


Toast a slice of french bread on the skillet with butter until brown


Add shaved the corn from the cob( tastes better) with onions and chopped egg to the green mix ( I like my greens lightly chopped ). Mildly dress with a mixture of both dressing. Serve with bread and warm baked chicken. Enjoy!

I know this salad is delicious because I finally get my 5 year old eating salad and she said “ Mom this salad is really yummy”

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