I Diet The Way I Drive

True Confession

I‘m fairly discipline but I don’t like extreme measure to lose weight or with anything, so my concept is to keep it balance every single day! I do more good eating, even when I don’t need to, it makes up for the times I really want to indulge.

Don’t do too much of the bad stuff.

I have an interesting perspective to dieting. Basically I use the concept of speed limit as a guide line.

If you live in United state you know what a speed limit is, it’s the maximum speed designated legally for drivers in a particular streets or free way. That just mean you shouldn’t drive over the assigned speed limit for your safety!

For me it’s kind of boring to stay within the speed limit all the time, you need a little dynamic or rythm

to make it fun! Same with dieting no one can eat 100% healthy all the time.

Sometimes I drive a little fast ( hypothetically)😁

I can’t do it too long or too much before i get caught! I can’t eat whatever I want to eat every time, which in most cases is junk food. When you do bad eating for a little you quickly balance it with good eating, that way you don‘t get caught!!!

This is a system that work than any other. Consistently making more good choices. Because if you drive fast all the time the cops will catch you!

Same if you eat junk all the time carbs will catch you! See me trying to rhyme there😁

I’m a strong believer in common sense fitness!

For the most part we all know what’s really good for our body. Start with that!

Water and walks......

Fruits and Vegetables......

For more creative ideas with healthy food option use google, and follow people on IG that inspires healthy life style.

You’ve got this💪🏽

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