How i got inspired by not being inspired.

I found myself in this creative block place. No inspiration, no new ideas, no catchy blog post, I was complaining about this to my husband and suddenly i got this idea to do something exciting rather than keep waiting for something exciting to happen.

My Big Idea

I was going to surprise my husband by dyeing my hair blonde and taking him on a dinner and movie date, dressed up and all. This whole idea wasn’t going to cost me more than $30 because I remember my husband has this gift card to Red lobster, it still counts because it was all my idea. The tip and movie will be on me though.

i suddenly went from my boring routine to having so much to look forward to in the same day. Any idea that involves dress and make up I’m all in!!!

Oh That Blonde Plan

I end up having a very exciting and productive day. A couple of things didn't turn out the way I planned.

I made an attempt to dye my hair champagne blonde but it turned out I had to bleach my hair first, ( i really think a part of me lack the courage to go through with it )

Well, my hair ends up brown, another color i’ve always wanted to try.

Flip it!

So here! If you are bored, feeling uninspired, lonely or even depressed

Few tips

- Dye your hair ( unlike me, really dye it)

- Get a hair cut

- Color your nails

- Try on lipsticks.

- Wear a mini skirt ( whatever makes you feel sexy)

- Go on a date

- Eat a doughnut

- Watch a movie ( comedy)

- laugh out loud

- Drink a cup of coffee/tea ( Do you!

- Read a book

- Write a love letter to him or him to be

- Plan something exciting, something to look forward to.

Routine can be the opposite of exciting.

oh lastly don’t wait for an invite, bring the party!!!💃🏻

Thank you for reading


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