Doing The Bare Minimum 

My favorite quote I made up this year is "Slow-mo is better than No-mo". Moving slow is better than no movement. This year i decided not to plan any ambiguous goals but to set small goals that I will actually do.


I don't have a problem starting something but my biggest fear is being consistent. Many times when I start something new, either working out, diet plan, productive hobby, side hustle etc if I don't have a strategy it won't take too long before I stop doing it and feel bad for not keeping up.

Last year, I had to come up with a way to be consistent with working out, since I can't go to the gym because of my kids and my very busy schedule, i obviously don't have a lot of time, So I asked myself what can I do? I came up with a plan to wake up 30mins earlier than I normally do, set my timer to 20 minutes work out until my timer goes off. I knew I had to do something and 20 minutes I can do, five days a week . That strategy worked for me and I was able to be consistent.

I later read the book "Atomic habit". I found out that I've been using some of the principle James Clear was sharing in the book. Btw, the book is incredible!

Food Fight

This January hasn't been my most disciplined time with food, It's weird I literally stayed hungry. But I've learned to create a healthy lifestyle that's sustainable, I don't like doing anything extreme. So I do my best to workout five days a week, eat healthy everyday so I can eat whatever I want anytime. Here are my easy tips to help maintain or probably lose weight

• No drinks, just water, coffee/ tea.

• Cut carbs to half.

• Cut portion to half.

• Mindful eating. (Don't eat random things)

• Exercise 4-5 times a week ( start with 10mins a day at least

Somewhere, Anywhere

Whatever you want to do start now! Be realistic, start small. Don't postpone what you know you need to do, there will never be a perfect time. Now is always a good time. I love this quote " The smallest actions are better than the greatest intentions"

Let's do this, let's start easy and let's start today!

Cheers to all of us doing the bare minimum and making it work.

Thanks for reading


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