Dear American Friends

I’ve been in the US eight years this month and I’ve had the opportunity of learning a lot about Americans and their culture. It’s been so exciting and interesting at the same time. I was just thinking that since it’s the month of Nigeria’s independence I can tell you guys a little bit about me and your other Nigerian friends it’s time you learn us.

Did You Know?

Every 1st of October is Nigerian’s Independence Day and No! we don’t barbecue people just stay home from work and sleep in and stuff.

Our national flag is Green and White.

There are 36 states in Nigeria and three major tribes. Yoruba ( which I am ) Hausa and Igbo.


English is not my first language and sometimes I say “pack“ when I’m really trying to say “park” it’s ok, you understand the context just follow the conversation it will make sense in the end.

Oh you know how you guys ask all the time do you guys have this or that in “Africa” as a matter of fact we do. We actually have a lot of the things that you have here in “Africa”.

When people meet me the conversation goes.

Are you from Africa?

Me: Yes

Them: I want to visit Africa

Me: Awww (but i’m thinking “me too“. Africa is a pretty big place. There are 54 countries in Africa and I've only been to one. So Yes! Me too......

Our Food

Just like Hamburger is to Americans so is Jollof rice to Nigerians ( it's not red or orange rice) its Jollof rice! It's very important to us.

And generally rice is not a side dish for us it's a main dish! We eat lots of it.

We don't follow recipe, we just keep adding and tasting, well until.....

We eat head of stuff, fish head, cow head....

And also we never eat our meat with blood running in them!

You guys fry Okra, we eat them slimy!!! Not slimy, not good.

The Difference

We spank kids in Nigeria and no one is calling the cops.

There‘s not a lot of free stuff in Nigeria. No one‘s giving you anything.

America is amazing!!! You guys are so generous, free groceries, shelters even health care for those that need it.

Ok, why? Why did I get to America and there‘s another kind of football? Really??

Don’t even get me started, we all know Soccer is the real football, the one where feet are actually involved.


I love my country, it’s richness in culture and values. So many amazing things to share with you about my beautiful country but I can't fit it all in this post. I Love Naija!

Finally, I told my husband, America has been so good to me!

I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve built some lifelong relationships. Ate some amazing food. I’ve made three babies in America.

I love y’all and THANK YOU!!!



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