Dared A Dream Dress

I’ve always love a good challenge and Brittnie’s wedding dress wasn’t an exception. This is going to be the hardest one I’ve ever done. She wanted a detachable train on a mermaid dress, which I’ve never done before. This is my 7th wedding dress and it had to be perfection! I still think, what confidence she had in me to execute her dream dress.

All the detail on the dress were hand sewn!!! It took hours, days, months, really felt endless! My husband kept asking me “baby are you done?“ I said I’m done when Brittnie walks down the aisle.

First fitting

When i did this fitting i saw a lot of flaw. The tulle on the train was so scanty and looked like nothing! I wanted something more, I needed a new game plan!

Are we there yet?

Obviously not! Every detail was pinned, still trying to figure out where to place ever lace detail and the train still wasn’t working out!

I was like Brittnie, what don’t you like about it? she said “nothing, i like it” but that was not enough for me. All I see is too much tulle! I need to make the Silhouette of the dress more define. See you next fitting, I told Brittnie; but I still don‘t know what to do, and how to fix my tulle problem.

A Big Risk!

I change the bottom part of her dress because I felt The tulle was too overwhelming with the train and was taking away from her beautiful curves. The change was a surprise but she loved it!!!

Dream Dress

Seeing Brittnie walking down the aisle with a beautiful glow and a radiant smile on her face, almost brought me to tears and I thought to my myself “THIS IS WHY I DARED“

I dared to do what I’ve not done before.

Dared to take a risk.

Even though I was afraid sometimes,

Well, more like the whole time.

I dared to make her dream dress.

Brittnie’s Instagram post

“ To my graceful, humble, yet so elegant designer. You are truly so gifted. You brought my dream dress to life & I couldn’t be happier! Your gift goes beyond your hands but something deep from your heart the way God designed you is something so powerful. Thank you so much”

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